3rd December 2022


The newest neo-realist film by Italian American writer/director Jonas Carpignano, To Chiara is also his third set in the Calabrian region, in the small coastal town of Gioia Tauro. It’s the latest entry in a series that explores the area’s mix of residents, segueing from refugees from North Africa in 2015’s Mediterranea to the Romani community in 2017’s A Ciambra, and now to the ‘Ndrangheta. Call the latter the mafia, call them an organised crime syndicate, call them just part of living Southern Italy — whichever you pick, Chiara has always just considered them her loved ones without knowing it. Learning how her dad pays the bills and why he’s now a fugitive, gleaning that her mother (Carmela Fumo) must be aware, trying to uncover where Giulia stands, attempting to cope with everything she thought she knew crumbling in an instant: that’s what this gripping and moving film has in store for its young, headstrong, understandably destabilised protagonist from here. (Sarah Ward)

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