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2nd July 2022

It Gets Better

Three hearts are destined to take a journey, and to fall in love. Saitarn (Penpak Sirikul), a retired transsexual, journeys to the beautiful northern Thailand to fall in love with Fai (Porama Imanothai), a local man who works in a garage. Saitarn wonders if Fai will look into her heart rather than her past. Tonmai (Panupong Waraeaksiri) takes his journey from America, back to his home country, Thailand to learn that he has inherited a gay bar from his father. Tonmai plans to close the bar, but falls in love with Tonlew (Bell Nuntita – Thailand’s Got Talent), a tomboy ladyboy and bar’s driver. Now, Tonmai questions if is he is gay or straight. Din (Pavich Subrungroj), a high school boy, begins his journey when his father, displeased with Din’s feminine behavior, sends him away to be a novice priest, expecting Din to be healed. However, Din falls in love with Luang Pee Sang (Kisthachapon Tananara), his priest mentor. In a world where some believe what they are told to believe, others search for their own truth. When the search leads to love, can circumstances demand that this truth be denied? Come experience the journeys of these three loving souls in this courageous and heartfelt film, “It Gets Better”. Tanwarin Sukkhapisit is a director, scriptwriter and producer for the film ‘Insects in the Backyard’ (2010). The film was banned from general release by the rating committee under the Office of National Culture Commission in reason of containing an allusion to patricide and prostitution. Tanwarin became a director of feature film as Tai Hong (2010) and Hug Na Sarakham (2011) and founded her own film production company, Amfine Production in 2011 with producers, Sutthiket Kongthaworn and Thitipan Raksasat.

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The club is part of the Federation of Queensland Film Societies and is a not-for-profit organisation. Cinema Paradiso – Mission Beach Film Club Inc is run by volunteers.

Once a month we will bring the cinema to Mission Beach, offering a wide range of films for all tastes, from Hollywood to Bollywood, from mainstream to art house.

Films are shown on Saturday evenings at C4 next to the Vistor Center on Porter Promenade. Screening starts at 7 pm, socialising (doors open) from 6.30 pm. We often get together at the Village Green for an after-movie chat.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please let us know what you would like to see on the big screen! Email: missionbeachfilmclub@gmail.com

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Cynthia Williamson — Secretary & Advertising
Madeleine Beekman – Committee Member



We are a not-for-profit organisation and operate by membership only. If you wish to see our films, please become a member. Annual, quarterly and short-term memberships are available in advance or at the door on screening nights. Visitors are welcome and can join us for 2 screening before signing up as a member.